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About us

About us

Fu noer (Tianjin) compressor technology Co., Ltd.
  The world famous GHH-RAND company, founded in 1758, is based in Oberhausen on the Rhine River in Germany, is recognized as the most innovative, most reliable and highly efficient twin screw compressor manufacturer. It has been known to over 560 thousand compressors all over the world. GHH-RAND represents innovation and leading technology and design development, which makes GHH-RAND the leader of the world compressor industry.
  Fu promise air company is the only complete set of German GHH-RAND original compressor set manufacturer in Germany GHH-RAND company in North China. Its complete set of Fu promise air air compressor is the model of the industry. In China, it develops and manufactures high efficiency frequency conversion, permanent magnetic frequency conversion, and oil free compressor whole mechanism manufacturer. The compressor it produces now is all higher than the national level energy efficiency standard, and become the best energy saving and environmental protection product. And provide customers with a complete compressed air solution.


  Fu promise air was established in 2015. In China, it is fully guided by German attitude to quality and high attention to high efficiency and environmental protection. For 2 years, it has been concentrating on the safety and environmental protection and performance efficiency of the variable frequency air compressor, helping users to achieve the best use of the gas system and high efficiency. Hukou tablet: the choice of rich Noel is a success!